Avoid Prostitutes That Work For Pimps

  Avoid dealing with, or do any kind of business with prostitutes that work for pimps, because you could put your health, life, personal safety in danger, and your could lose your money, and get little or nothing in return in service; and they're far more dangerous than prostitutes that work independently. Even after that prostitute had left her pimp, they're still very dangerous to deal with. Here are the reasons why:

(1) Some prostitutes are trained by the pimp to swindle their clients, or set up their clients to get robbed, killed, or seriously injured by the pimp. Stay away from the prostitutes that swindle their clients, because their chances of getting shot or injured by a disappointed client, or get busted by the police is very high, and you could get busted or get shot along with them. Some prostitutes and pimps have very notorious criminal pass. Most prostitute's common crimes other than prostitution are theft, illegal drug, and assault. Most pimp's common crimes other than prostitution are mostly violent and drugs crimes. Stay away from them if you have knowledge of their very notorious criminal pass, and never let a prostitute or a pimp know where you live, otherwise you would be making yourself a easy target for being a victim of crimes.

(2) Pimps do protect the prostitutes from the bad clients, but at the same time, they may compel, oppress, rape the prostitute, or punish the prostitute without any warning if she would say or do anything that pimp doesn't like, or if she would break his rules.

(3) Most Pimps sometimes compel their prostitutes against their will to render service to their clients. The prostitute may be compelled by the pimp to have protected sex, or unprotected sex with the client exposing her to STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). Some prostitutes are kidnapped, held in captivity, beaten, raped, tortured, or permanently temporally disfigured by the pimp, especially injuring the genital area, or the pelvic organs, and then the pimp may compel the injured prostitute work with their clients to work to inflict themselves more pain to their existing injuries. Some prostitutes have been murdered, beaten or tortured to death, or mysteriously disappear that may have been caused by the pimp in order to mainly avoid a prison sentence that is caused by the prostitute coming forward to press charges against that pimp.

(4) Most prostitutes that work for pimps neglect to take care of their body by poorly maintaining their personal hygiene, vaginal tightness, or medical needs due to their heavy drug usage, and they could pick up and spread skin disease like lice, scabies, bed bugs, or infections that would cause burning itchy skin rashes, or pick up or carry STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) if they would have unprotected sex. Some pimps may hold their prostitutes in captivity, and compel them to work dirty, and spread those skin diseases to their clients in which a condom may not protect them; and most pimps are aware of them having those obvious skin diseases, because some of those pimps catch those diseases themselves.

(5) Some pimp's brothel or home are unclean and unsafe, and poorly maintained that could spread diseases, like lice, mites, chiggers, scabies, crabs (pubic lice), bed bugs; and the infestation could be so bad that the building may need to be burn down to control the diseases in that building. Beware of the pimp's brothel or home that have dogs or cats indoors, those pets could sometimes go outside and pick up those skin diseases like mites, scabies, lice, and chiggers from the ground, and bring those skin disease parasites into the pimp's home or brothel. Most pimps are aware of presence of those health hazards in their place, because those pimps themselves or some of his prostitutes get sick from those diseases.

(6) Some prostitutes have mental and physical problems due to their flip flop attitude (switch from positive to negative attitude), and a lack of social skills to deal with the clients or anybody that may be caused by the pimp's oppression or punishment. Most prostitutes do not perform very well with their clients while under the pressure of the pimp, and abiding by his rules. Some prostitutes grew up in an abusive home, or had been in abusive relationships, or had been a victim of rape, and may have a pre-existing mental condition; and then the abuse from the pimp just makes those prostitute's mental condition even worst that would make it difficult for her to perform well for their clients, or to get involved in future steady relationships with a man. The prostitutes would always reflect the bad things that the pimp had done to them, and you can tell by the change of their attitude, behavior, and negative or unhappy facial expression. Even if the prostitute break all ties with the pimp, the mental and physical damage has already been done for a very long term that may render themselves dysfunctional in the future; and the pimp still have control over that prostitute or former prostitute well after she have left him.

(7) Some pimps grew up in abusive homes, and that's what fuel them to abuse and oppress their prostitutes.

(8) Some pimps are drug dealers, and some of them provide their prostitutes too high of a drug dosage to the point where the prostitute can't perform well for their clients, or that the drug overdose may end up killing that prostitute while performing service for their client.

(9) Some pimps and prostitutes have ties with organized crime or street gangs in which it may be far more dangerous to deal with, and they most highly likely they would be under investigation by law enforcement. Stay far away from prostitutes and pimps that have ties with organized crime, and criminal street gang, or else you could end up having legal trouble just being involved with them, or you could end up getting killed and injured.

(10) Some clients could end up getting injured or killed by the pimp by complaining to the pimp about the bad service that was intentionally rendered to that client. Some pimps carry guns on them, and they even carry fully automatic weapons that are capable of wiping out squad of police, or a small town police force. Some of those weapons that some pimps carry are capable of piercing a bulletproof vest. Some pimps are just too dangerous to confront to complain about the bad service. The client should never confront a pimp or a prostitute right after the bad or shady service that was rendered while that client are on their grounds, or else that client could end up dead or injured if the bad or shady service was intentionally rendered by the pimp and the prostitute. It safer for the client to confront a pimp or a prostitute over the telephone, online, by regular mail, or in a public place where there are a lots of people.

(11) Prostitutes that are currently work for pimps are too risky to hire to do any kind of legitimate business with due to their mental, physical, and drug problems, lack of social skills, and their flip flop attitude or eccentric behavior, and they may be still under the influence of the pimp that could cause them to decrease their job performance on their legitimate job that would lead them to quit or get fired, and plus the high risk of spreading of skin to skin diseases like lice, scabies, mites, bed bugs, crabs that would jeopardize the health of other employees on that legitimate job that the prostitute work with.

(12) Beware of prostitutes that has an extremely roomy vagina, or else you could put youself, and your health and safety in more danger, even expose youself to STD's, and spread it to your family, or other sex partners. Click to see why below:

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!Attention Women Or Prostitutes and Beware!

Around 90% of the prostitutes that work for pimps want out of the prostitution business, and that 10% of those prostitutes stay on with that pimp or prostitution ring, and risk getting beaten, tortured, disfigured, maimed, injured, and the worst that could happen is the postitute get killed or made disappear by the pimp or prostitution ring, or she could have mental breakdown that would drive her commits suicide or overdose on drugs.

Prostitutes that are victim of the pimp's physical abuse are immune to prosecution of prostitution if the they would press charges, and turn in evidence against that pimp in state of Texas, or in most states in the United States (USA). So Women, if you think getting into prostitution with a pimp is worth getting your body beaten, raped, maimed, tortured and destroy by the pimp that would cause you a lot of suffering in the long term or short term, or putting your family members or your children in danger with the pimp, or in danger from the diseases that you would catch and carry from that prostitution job that pimp compelled you to do, then go ahead and make a dumb move to do prostitution for the pimp. After you have been seriously raped, tortured, maimed, or injured by the pimp to that would require medical treatment, and if you think that pimp would let you live so you could blackmail him, or press criminal charges against him to send that pimp to prison for 40+ years, you're sadly mistaken, whenever the pimp would decide that he don't need you anymore, that pimp is going to kill you or make you misteriously disappear just to make sure that you don't blackmail or rat on the pimp to the police to send that pimp to prison for 40+ years, and you're already marked for death once that pimp has raped, tortured, maimed, or injure you. If you think that pimp is not watching you, better think again, that pimp is watching you around the clock. If you don't care whether your children live or die, or any of your family members live or die, and then go ahead and make a dumb move to put your own health and safety in danger by doing prostitution for the pimp that would cause you any suffering for a very long time.

    So prostitutes, once you get seriously raped, injured, maimed, or tortured by the pimp that would require medical treatment, and cause you long or short term suffering, leave that pimp while you can, and try to get as far away from that pimp as possible, or else there is a 99 percent chance you will be dead or mysterious disappear if you would go back to that pimp. Therefore, that pimp will kill you without any warning if he would decide that he don't need you anymore just to prevent you from blackmailing or rat on that pimp to the police to send him to prison for 40+ years, and it would be cheaper for the pimp the kill that prostitute, or make that prostitute mysteriously disappear than pay somebody to watch her all the time to make sure that prostitute don't make any moves against that pimp. That's why if you want to live, it's very important to stay far away from the pimp after that pimp has raped, injure, maimed, or torture you that would require medical treatment that caused you any pain and suffering, and try to seek help from law enforcement, a competent law enforcement agency are trained to deal with pimps or prostitution rings, and if the law enforcement agency is so corrupted that they fail to protect you from that pimp, then find a victim rights organization that could help you, and if neither law enforcement agencies nor victim rights organization that doesn't help you, then try to take the law in your own hands in order to protect yourself and your family, most pimps or prostitution ring operators would not go to the cops to risk exposing their illegal prostitution business, if the prostitute or disappointing client would retaliate against them, and the pimp may also alienate his criminal associates if he would go to the police. The best way to get away from the pimp and the people that the pimp hire to watch you, charter an aircraft and fly away, and have somebody to meet you to pick you up at the destin landing site. Do not take a regular airline, the pimp will know what city that you may be going to by the signs at the gate terminal.

If you see or meet any prostitutes or pimps

  If you see prostitutes and pimps in your neighborhood, do not confront them yourself, call your the police, or law enforcement. If anybody solicit prostitution to you, do not go for it, and call the police because you may end up getting diseases like STDs, or skin diseases like mites, scabies, bed bugs, lice, chiggers that a condom could not protect you from, and you may get set up to get robbed or swindled. If a bar or nightclub staff solicit prostitution in a bar, make a complaint to the local or state government agency that regulate the sales of alcohol beverages that issues the alcohol sales licenses. Do not make any physical contact with the prostitute or the pimp, because their bodies may be infested with lice, mites, scabies, chiggers, bed bugs, or any other contagious skin diseases, and all it takes is a skin to skin contact like one hand shake to pass it on to you. If you catch any contagious disease from a prostitute, seek medical treatment immediately, and then contact the local government health department's epidemiology in the jurisdiction where the prostitution took place, and then make sure you have the real name of the prostitute, and her pimp, or the license plate number and the make and model of the car that the prostitutes, or her pimp's car that he is driving, or the prostitute's and her pimp's home address if known, and the address of the place that you caught the disease from that prostitute.

The safest way to deal with prostitutes

  If you want to deal with prostitutes safely, it is safer and cleaner for both prostitutes and clients to go to a government regulated licensed brothel where the state or country that have legally licensed brothels. They are safer for both prostitutes and clients, and they have more privacy in a room, and they have legal security there, and the prostitutes have a panic button to alert security just in case they get a bad client. All negotiations between client and sex worker are recorded before the service starts. The prostitutes or sex workers are required to have a license to work in those legal brothels. Those legal brothels are inspected by government officials. 

But nothing is 100% safe. Whether anybody is a prostitute or a client, it is the best and the safest for everybody to stay away from prostitution all together.

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